Local 5118 Negotiations Update, May 13, 2024 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 Negotiations Update, May 13, 2024

Yesterday (5/13) was a turning point in these negotiations. We had meaning discussions around the RN Safety and Violence Committee. Even though we have not signed off on this language, this is what it looks like: This is a new joint committee that is designed to give us the time to address OUR safety and violence concerns on a monthly basis. It is separate from the hospital run Violence Prevention Committee. The WIN is: When physically assaulted we will be seen either in the ED or by Occupational Health. We may request up to one day off which will NOT come out of our PTO bank when seen by Occupational Health. If more time off is needed, we can open a workers comp claim.

Cooper presented an overview of what is happening in the health insurance world in regard to the premium increases. Their actual health insurance proposal to us is to stay with current contract language. Our language includes the 1% cap. This means our increase can not be higher than 1% of the total premium increase.

Wages: They amended their wage proposal. Flat dollar increase for everyone – $3 (original proposal was $2). First year across the board – 3.50% (original on 3/13 2%). Nurses off the wage scale would automatically go to the highest rate on the scale which includes the $3 plus the 3.50%. This ensures that the 32 years plus RN’s receive the highest wage rate on the scale throughout the term of the contract. Right now Cooper is at $3 added to everyone’s hourly rate, 3.50% year one, 2.5% year two and 2% year three and the 1% (or more) step increase yearly. Right now the average increase from top to bottom is around 12%.

We continue to work on our STAFFING PROPOSAL. We have made some strides. There is much more work to be done around safe staffing.

Both sides cleaned up other open proposals. We reached a TA (tentative agreement) on 7.5 Weekend Rotation. The important part of this language is about pre-approved vacation.

If we aren’t able to find coverage by four weeks prior to the start of our planned pre-approved vacation, the vacation will be approved ..


May 15, 16 and 17. Membership meetings. COME CAST YOUR YES VOTE. Please check previous posts for the times.

Next Negotiations: May 20

May 21st – Leafleting. 6:10am at the parking garage entrance. If possible, wear your red t-shirts. WE NEED SEVERAL HUNDRED NURSES TO COME OUT TO SHOW COOPER WE STAND BY WHAT OUR NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE IS FIGHTING FOR, FOR ALL OF US. We will have a roving billboard truck circling the hospital as we are leafleting. SAFE STAFFING …

May 21st at 11:00am. Cooper is holding its annual public meeting. It is their annual presentation to the community outlining its commitment to the people of this region, its accomplishments, programs and information on its finances. It is at Cooper on the first floor.

We must pack this room with nurses in RED T-shirts. This sends them a strong message – We Are Here

In Solidarity –

Your Negotiating Committee