Local 5107 Officer and Rep List

President – Ibidulla Umoru

Vice-President – Melvin DeGuzman

Vice-President – Geri Simms

Vice-President – Janaye Williams


Wanaque Reps – Patricia Graziano, Monique Paterson and Caroline Geraghty

Llanfair House Reps – Ivan Holganza

VNA Health Group of NJ, LLC Reps – Janaye Williams, Wislande Fleurrisant, Jeane Anthony, Tamara Williams, Donna Bailey, and Hussain Cheikhali

Click here for the contact information for the VNA Health Group of NJ, LLC Reps


HPAE Staff Rep: Sheila Schicker, 201-262-5005 ext. 112

HPAE Support Staff – Lorraine Loiacono, 201-262-5005, ext. 123 (Llanfair House, VNA Health Group of NJ, VNA of Englewood ) or Kim Wedderburn, 201-262-5005, ext. 142 (Wanaque)