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HPAE Local 8071-R – Council of Retirees

Join the Council of Retirees (COR)

If you or anyone you know is retired or planning to retire we want to hear from you. The HPAE COR is a group of former HPAE members who are still active in their local union and in HPAE COPE activities.


Reorganized COR Meets

October 14, 2014

HPAE’s Council of Retirees (COR) held its first meeting in several years at the Emerson union office today. Local 5186 President Nicole Mankowski and Local 5058 Kendra McCann, both members of HPAE Executive Committee, co-chaired the meeting. A number of recently retired local leaders have joined COR and attended the meeting, including Joy Anderson (Local 5089) and Pat Adago (Local 5112).