HPAE Retiree Medical Trust – Information About Your Benefits & Who to Contact

Please visit the Benserco/Zenith-American website for additional Retiree Medical Trust information. Benserco/Zenith-American is the Third Party Administrator (TPA) of the Trust. On their web site, you will find the following regarding the HPAE Retiree Medical Trust:

Online Access to Your Contribution History

As of May 2017, Benserco/Zenith-American has upgraded their website for the HPAE Retiree Medical Trust. After an HPAE member completes the registration process, she/he will be able to  access their work history, contributions, and annual participant statement. Click here to access your contribution history online by going to Benserco/Zenith-American’s HPAE Retireee Medical Trust webpage and clicking on the “Participant Login” button.

Click here for an explanation from Benserco of how to use this online tool.

Online Estimated Benefit Calculator

HPAE members who participate in the Retiree Medical Trust can now calculate their estimated monthly medical reimbursement benefits for when they plan to retire and the total amount of medical reimbursements they will receive after retirement.

Click here to use the estimated benefit calculator.

Annual Reports to Plan Participants

Benserco/Zenith-American sends out each year a Summary Annual Report to all plan participants, whether still working or inactive (retired or left employment with a participating employer). In addition, Benserco/Zenith-American provides participants annually with an Annual Participant Statement for each individual participant regarding their contributions and status in the plan. Click below for an explanation of the statement and “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) about plan benefits.

Explanation of the Annual Participant Statement and FAQ

Who To Contact for More Information About Your Benefits:

Please contact Tara Carter from Benserco/Zenith-American, the administrator of the Trust,  to find about the benefits you have accrued, eligibility for benefits, and how to submit claims for reimbursement benefits. Tara can be reached at 201-947-8000 or by email at qcarter@zenith-american.com.

You can also contact Mike Slott, one of the union trustees of the Retiree Medical Trust, at mslott1953@gmail.com for general information about the Retiree Medical Trust