Local 5138 Officer Candidate Rules of Conduct - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5138 Officer Candidate Rules of Conduct

 Conduct to all Candidates:

  • Equal access for office equipment and supplies for the purpose of printing and mailing campaign literature will be available to all candidates through Mr. Jeffrey Ball, Staff Representative.  Please call first to assure that Mr. Ball is available to assist you.
  • Equal access to HPAE Local 5138-membership mailing list will be available for those who are running for Local Office.  Mailings from such lists are available at the candidate’s expense.
  • All campaign costs and costs for supplies, mailings and assistance by the Staff Representative are to be assumed by the candidate themselves and not HPAE funds.
  • The following is a cost summary of some items:
      • Laser Labels: $ 18.00 box of 500;
      • Stencils: $ .25 each for Ricoh Copier;
      • DOT Matric Labels: $ 10.00 for 500;
      • Paper: $ 12.00 per ream;
      • Postage: Post Office Rates;
      • Office service for Printing and Mailing: Hourly Rate of Employee;
      • All costs are payable by check to “HPAE”.
  • No Campaign posters will be placed on Union bulletin boards.
  • Under the law, no campaigning or distribution of campaign literature may be done in working areas or on work time. Campaigning may be done on your breaks, meal times, and own time and in non-work areas.
  • Candidates and or their representatives may not give out stamps or any financial incentives to members to mail their ballots in.
  • Candidates are permitted to be present at the mailing of the ballots as well as the counting of ballots.

If you have any questions regarding the “Rules of Conduct to all Candidates,” please contact Jeffrey Ball at the Union office.