Bayonne Local 5185 & Christ Local 5186 Bargaining Update June 16, 2018 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Bayonne Local 5185 & Christ Local 5186 Bargaining Update June 16, 2018

HPAE members at Bayonne and Christ come together in support of a fair contract

First joint negotiation held with CarePoint on June 13th

The negotiating teams from Bayonne Medical Center and Christ Hospital presented joint proposals on health insurance and retirement benefits, and proposed a three-year contract term at our first combined bargaining session. Management has now received all of our proposals, and we expect their counter-proposals next week on major economic issues.

Outsourcing: Protecting our Patients and our Job Security

On June 11th, the Renal Dialysis department at Bayonne was outsourced to a company jointly owned by CarePoint and Fresenius, a privately-owned dialysis provider. 16 workers were impacted or laid off during this outsourcing. In 2015, CarePoint exploited a loophole in Christ Hospital’s outsourcing clause, laying off case management nurses and replacing them with a third-party nursing agency.

Management has demanded the complete elimination of outsourcing protection at Christ and said they will refuse to accept language that would end outsourcing at Bayonne. Outsourcing is a direct threat to our union, our workplace standards, our job security, and our collective power. With Renal Dialysis at Bayonne, we have seen the effects on patient care when critical services are outsourced. We must fight CarePoint’s attempts to replace us with cheap, non-union third-party operators.


Wednesday June 27th, 2018
6:30AM-8AM, 12PM-5PM
Bayonne Medical Center and Christ Hospital

Show CarePoint we’re tired of short staffing, low pay, and threats against our jobs. Sign up to be a picket captain for your floor: call 732 439 6443.

What we’re fighting for

We work hard to give our patients the best care possible under difficult working conditions, and we have given up a lot to keep CarePoint hospitals open through tough financial times. It’s time for CarePoint to repay the sacrifices we make for our patients and for the company. We need:

  • Safe staffing for all employees
  • Quality, affordable health insurance
  • An end to the ten-year freeze of experience-recognition wage increases
  • Protection against outsourcing of union work and quality jobs