HPAE Statement in Solidarity with the AAUP Strike Authorization Vote - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Statement in Solidarity with the AAUP Strike Authorization Vote

Get the Facts!

As you may have heard around campus or seen in the news, our union sisters and brothers in the AAUP, the Faculty and Part Time Lecturers, held a strike authorization vote beginning on February 28 to hear if the membership of that union will authorize their bargaining team to schedule a strike if they believe it is necessary.

We support our coworkers in the AAUP and their right to strike and stand united in outrage at the disrespect shown to us by our employer. As part of our Coalition of Rutgers Unions, we stand in solidarity with them and will offer our membership clear and effective ways to show solidarity if the AAUP faculty choose to call a strike.

What this means for HPAE unit members:

  • HPAE is still at the table demanding a fair contract and we are not currently calling a strike authorization vote. If our Union chooses to consider a strike in the future, the subject will come to the members in meetings and a membership vote.
  • Our members are not being asked to consider a strike at this time.
  • There is no HPAE strike scheduled at Rutgers at this time.
  • HPAE bargaining teams will continue to negotiate with administration while we all stand together to demand a contract that protects our jobs and provides incentives to recruit and retain a strong workforce at Rutgers.

If AAUP calls a strike, HPAE members should report for work as scheduled and support the effort of the AAUP strikers by showing solidarity with them by showing up on their picket lines on your lunch break or before or after work and/or wearing stickers that show support for our coworkers who are on strike.
We are in ongoing communication with our colleagues in the AAUP and will continue to keep you updated as their strike vote plays out.

Our HPAE Bargaining Teams are asking all members to submit unity photos to show support for our bargaining team as we return to the table on Monday, March 15 at 12pm. Register for the union’s caucus through this link. Send your unity pics to Suzanne at SCollado@hpae.org