Targeted Election District Endorsements - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Targeted Election District Endorsements

HPAE’s State Executive Council and Committee on Political Education both went through an extensive review of candidate responses to our organization’s questionnaire prior to making our recommendations for endorsement. These candidates, in target districts, are on the side of health care workers and patients – and have a made a commitment to protecting patients and workers in a time where the future of the ACA is in question and health care mergers and consolidations across New Jersey continue to movie at a rapid pace.

Among the issues and votes HPAE members examined were support or opposition to legislation:

  • Establish safe nurse staffing standards;
  • Protecting public employee pensions and benefits;
  • support legislation order NJDOH to resume regular inspections of New Jersey healthcare facilities;
  • Earned sick days; and
  • Support workplace rights.

Below are a series of information cards we have created for each district as well as the New Jersey Governor’s race: