Nurses’ Unions Meet to Discuss Common Concerns….And Other HPAE News

April 13, 2017

Nurses’ Unions Meet to Discuss Common Concerns

Leaders of nurses’ unions from 9 states and 11 unions came together in New York City to collaborate on key issues facing health care and unions, including attacks on our collective bargaining rights, the need for safe staffing, and threats to healthcare coverage through plans to repeal the ACA.

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Local 5089 Member Speaks at “Clean Energy” Event

Janice Fitzgerald, RN, APN and an HPAE Local 5089 member, participated in an event on April 3rd in Camden, NJ to highlight the public health impacts of climate change. In her presentation to the group, Janice noted that “…now is the time for the current generation of policy makers and advocates to debate how we will reduce air pollution, create opportunities to invest in clean energy and technology and prevent future generations of children from the health risks associated with a warming climate and contaminated environment.”

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Celebrate Earth Day with the “March for Science”

On April 22, Earth Day, rallies will be held in Washington, D.C., Trenton, NJ, and approximately 500 other locations to support the role of science in upholding the common good and to urge political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.

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Meadowlands Hospital Slated to be Sold

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center –the Secaucus hospital where inpatient admissions have dropped to fewer than 30 patients a day – is slated to be sold to a multimillionaire real estate developer who owns a pair of surgery centers in Bergen County. HPAE Local 5147 represents nurses, professional and technical staff, and service workers at the hospital.

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This Week in Labor History: Toledo Auto-Lite Strike of 1934

The Toledo (Ohio) Auto-Lite strike begins today with 6,000 workers demanding union recognition and higher pay. The strike is notable for a 5-day running battle in late May between the strikers and 1,300 members of the Ohio National Guard. Known as the “Battle of Toledo,” the clash left two strikers dead and more than 200 injured. The 2-month strike, a win for the workers’ union, is regarded by many labor historians as one of the nation’s three most important strikes – April 13, 1934

Read about other important struggles and events in U.S. labor history which occurred from April 10 to April 16, provided by Union Communication Services (UCS).

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