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Local 5004 represents Registered Nurses at the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

The Englewood Nurses Association was formed in 1973; it was the first established local in what is now known as HPAE. We, in 1976, were the first unionized nurses in New Jersey to go out on strike. We have built and enforced our contract through the years, focusing not just on wages, benefits but professional issues and work life stability.

Two committees that are vital to our local union achieving our goals are the Joint Nursing Practice Council (JNPC) and the Local Executive Board (LEB). The JNPC meets the 4th Monday of every month and is a forum for union and management representatives to address staffing, labor-management, health & safety and professional development issues. The Local Executive Board (LEB) meets the first Tuesday of every month. The Board is made up of the elected officers as well as chairs of standing committees: grievance, health & safety, professional development and membership mobilization. Members are encouraged to bring issues and suggestions for resolutions to any officer in order to promote the Local's goals and agenda.

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