Did U Know Contract Updates - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Did U Know Contract Updates

We achieved many improvements in the language of the CBA — now we must enforce those improvements.

To ensure that members have a clear understanding of the contract changes, Union Officers will be posting on each unit’s Union Bulletin Board a weekly flyer featuring a different section of the contract that was modified in these negotiations — please review these weekly (while new ones will be posted each week, the prior ones will also be found behind the new one in the clear folder that will feature the flyers).

It is up to all of us to make our contract a valuable document!

Did You Know Updates:

Violence Prevention, Grievances & Arbs, Weekend Flex Shift, and Expiration Date – October 2015

Sick Leave, Leaves of Absence (8.9, 9.01, 9.04) – September 2015

Vacation (8.07) – August 2015

Experimental Workday and Workweek (6.06) – July 2015

Staffing Language, including 3.05 and Agreements to Add FTEs – June 2015

New Contract Language, including Non-Nursing Services (3.01) – June 2015

Committee on Political Education (COPE) Voluntary Payroll Deductions – June 2015

The Transition Contribution to the Defined Benefit Pension Plan – May 2015