Campaign for Safe Staffing Legislation

HPAE has been advocating for a state law requiring safe nurse staffing levels in all New Jersey hospitals and ambulatory care centers for many years. That is why we have joined with other healthcare unions and community activists in the Coalition for Patient Rights and Safe Staffing (CPRSS) in a campaign to win the passage of S1183/A647, a bill which mandates safe staffing ratios and acuity systems in hospitals, ambulatory surgery facilities, and certain DHS facilities.

Research studies show that safe staffing is linked to better patient outcomes and improved working conditions. A Summary of Nurse Staffing Studies that has been compiled by HPAE clearly indicates that safe staffing improves patient care, facilitates the retention of qualified, experienced nurses, and leads to a reduction in workplace injuries.


Members Meet with Cumberland County Freedholders
Mar 30 2016

    Inspira RNs from Vineland had a meeting with the Cumberland County Freeholders to brief them on issues that will be presented at the upcoming negotiations and how they may impact the citizens of Cumberland County. Local 5131 RNs

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Staffing Forum Addresses Key Issues
Mar 01 2016

Our local held a Staffing Forum held on February 17. The forum was an interactive meeting in which updates were given on the arbitration award regarding contract section 4.11 positions, the hospital’s acuity system, and staffing legislation in New Jersey.

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