HPAE Local 5004 at Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

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Local 5004 Participates in Lobby Day

April 1, 2014

Local 5004 joined with other HPAE locals, members of other nursing unions, and advocacy groups in HPAE's Lobby Day in Trenton on March 29. We went to Trenton to tell our state legislators and the Department of Health to put "Patients First" and support staffing ratios and stronger oversight of hospitals.

Video: Stephanie Orrico speaking about the importance of staffing:

Photo below: HPAE President Ann Twomy delivering over 4,000 Safe Staffing and Patient Care petitions to the Department of Health. Local 5004 Vice President Becky Esquivel and her daughter, Kayla, on the right.


For more information, as well as photos and videos of Lobby Day events, click here and go to HPAE's Facebook page.


Member Update - Nursing Pharmacy

March 15, 2013

It was recently discussed at Nursing Pharmacy Committee that the Pharmacy is able to track medications more easily with the Pyxis & McKesson systems.  What they are seeing is that often the medication is removed from Pyxis by one RN, and documented as administered by another… Or NOT administered, wasted, or returned by anyone. 

These are considered Medication Errors and the Medical Center will be treating this situation as such and the RN attached to the medication will be held accountable.

Please be aware of your responsibilities related to handling and administration of medications.

If you have any questions, please call or email Michele McLaughlin.

Michele McLaughlin, Local President

201 315 1992



Member Update - Pension Questions

March 15, 2013

We are aware that there are many questions circulating about the Defined Benefit Pension as it is being administrated by the Medical Center.  We have requested the formal Plan Document from the Medical Center & have not yet received it.  Once we review the Plan Document we will be better able to evaluate the Medical Center’s actions.

We have asked the Medical Center to provide a presentation on the new DC plan to answer more generic questions, but unfortunately, they refused.

The following questions have been asked:

Years of Service…How is this defined in the Plan Document?   This is key when it comes to determining the Medical Center’s “maximum match.”

Weekend Flex…As Weekend Flex employees were included in the Defined Benefit Pension Plan, why has the Medical Center now carved them out?

A Class action grievance has been filed on behalf of the WEF RNs.  We will keep you informed of our progress.

For questions about your specific account, please contact the Diversified representative:

Paul Joseph -- 201 894 3068 -- pajoseph@divinvest.com

For other pension questions call Carlton at 201-803-6887 or clevine@hpae.org


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