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Local 5004 Members Ratify Contract Settlement With Medical Center

May 19, 2015

By an overwhelming margin, Local 5004 members voted today to ratify a new, three year contract with the Medical Center. The contract settlement was reached after 14 bargaining sessions and two weeks before the contract expired on May 31.

The contract settlement addresses many of the key priorities that Local 5004 had going into the negotiations. In particular, the new contract agreement includes staffing improvements and other measures including eight new full-time nurse positions to ensure additional staff in specific areas in the hospital (e.g. FT float position for the medical surgical area on the B shift), staffing improvements in the pediatric unit, and greater night coverage by medical support staff.

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In addition, the agreement provides for:

· A joint commitment between RNs and administration to review and implement staffing acuity systems.

· 3% wage increase over the three-year contract and step increases of about 1.5% per year to retain qualified staff.

· Joint commitment between RNs and administration to improve communication and participation in the joint nursing practice council and continuing education programs to ensure greater RN education and input to improve patient care.

Another important contract gain is the conversion of the Med-Surg floor, Dean 6, to a 12 hours shift, a long-time goal of our local. Nurses from Dean 6 let out a collective cheer when they heard that we had finally achieved this goal.

Local 5004 members were unanimous in thanking the Negotiations Team for their hard work and strong advocacy of the members' key concerns. A common sentiment was expressed by Laura Symons, NICU, Communicator, who said,"We maintained our contract and there will be no furlough or PTO bank, as the Medical Center wanted. We kept what we have been building on all these years."

In the end this was a successful negotiations because we were able to achieve language that protects our workplace rights and the integrity of our profession and work, while bringing into the discussion with the medical center's management team an authentic voice in our workplace for our profession and patients.

Photo below: Local 5004 President Michele McLaughlin explaining the details of the agreement to members.

Read the Summary of the Tentative Agreement


Negotiations Update

May 15, 2015

Today, we had our 14th bargaining session and this was the date that the Medical Center targeted to complete the negotiations. While we met briefly across the bargaining table, most of our time was spent in informal talks with the Medical Center with the hope that we could get closer on some of the outstanding issues.

Unfortunately, the Medical Center clearly was not interested in reaching a settlement. We waited until 5:50 pm today for the Medical Center to come back to the bargaining table and they handed HPAE an unacceptable offer. They gave us no opportunity to respond and they walked away from the bargaining table for the weekend.

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The only “Bright Spot” in their proposal is the conversion of Dean 6 to a 12-hour unit.

We will be back at the table on Monday.

BE STRONG and UNIFIED. Lets make sure the Medical Center know we are serious about our issues.

Remember: We have a membership meeting Tuesday May 19th at the Clinton Inn. Meeting times: 7:30 am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 7:30 pm. We will vote either to ratify a contract or for concerted activities.


Englewood RNs Speak Out About Staffing at Bargaining Session

May 7, 2015

Yesterday, Local 5004 members came to the negotiations to support the Negotiations Committee and to let the Medical Center know why we are determined to make improvements in our staffing language. The members spoke from their hearts and their experience as nursing professionals about why staffing needs to be improved at the hospital.

Read More and View Photos from the Speakout


Negotiations Update

April 22, 2015

Negotiations are going well. To date, we have six signed Tentative Agreements and several signed Side Letters of Agreement.

The Communicators meetings were held yesterday. (Photos left and below.) Each communicator will distribute HPAE lanyards and badge holders on Monday, April 27. If you did not receive your lanyard and holder, please contact Theresa LaSpina in the main PACU, extension 3299.


The HPAE Negotiations Phone Line number is 201-254-4707. If you have any questions regarding negotiations, please text or phone that number for a timely response. No group texting please.


First Bargaining Session Held

April 16, 2015

We held our first bargaining session with the Medical Center yesterday. At the meeting, we presented our initial proposals.

Read Local 5004's Initial Contract Proposals


Local 5004 Joins with Other HPAE Locals in Lobby Day

March 16, 2015

Lobby Day was a great success. Over 300 members of HPAE and other healthcare unions in the Coalition for Patients Rights and Safe Staffing (CPRSS) came to Trenton to talk to state legislators about the need for staffing legislation, including nurse to patient staffing ratios, which ensure quality care and patient safety.

HPAE members throughout the state of New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania were enthusiastic and excited to participate in Lobby Day. During the day, we held 23 meetings with state legislators, many of whom pledged their full support for a safe staffing bill.

We thank the following Local 5004 members for taking the time to represent our local at Lobby Day: Ana Acosta, Diane Ardizzone, Lyn Bae, Linda Cohen, Jane DiMasso, Laura Symons, Becky Esquivel, Ana Maria Nava-Torres, Geraldine Neiderhofer, Mary Rufo, Winifred Sanchez, Adele Thomas, Leocadie Toussaint, Elaine Van Buren-Rizzo, Coral Zaidi, Jose Sison

With State Senator Vitale, one of the co-sponsors of the staffing bill:

Local 5004 and Local 5091 members with State Senator Gordon:

With Assemblyman Eustace:

Check out HPAE's Facebook page for more photos of Lobby Day



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