HPAE Local 5004 at Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

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HPAE Locals to Participate in May 4th Hackensack-Meridian Merger Hearing

April 26, 2016

On May 4, public hearings will be held in Hackensack, NJ and Neptune, NJ to review the Hackensack-Meridian merger. New Jersey's Attorney General is required to schedule hearings where the public can testify about the merger.

HPAE leaders from Jersey Shore Medical Center, Southern Ocean Medical Center, Palisades Medical Center, and Harborage House will be speaking at the hearings, emphasizing the need to protect our jobs, our patients, and our communities as Meridian and Hackensack merge.

Since the Medical Center currently has a clinical and academic affiliation with Hackensack, we need to stand with our HPAE brothers and sisters at these facilities. We urge you to come to the Hackensack hearing. Wear your red HPAE shirts and come show support.

The hearing will be held Wednesday, May 4, 12:30 to 1:30 pm, at the City Hall in Hackensack, 65 Central Avenue, Hackensack, NJ.


Staffing Forum Held

March 1, 2016

Our local held a Staffing Forum held on February 17. The forum was an interactive meeting in which updates were given on the arbitration award regarding contract section 4.11 Positions, the hospital's acuity system and staffing legislation in New Jersey.

The attendees updated classification guidelines for their units, which have not been updated since 2012. Heidi Hansen, HPAE Public Policy staffperson, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the proposed Safe Staffing bill. She also discussed how to bring the message of needed changes to current staffing regulations out to the community. There was a lively discussion on various activities where we could have a presence and ask the community to sign cards to support nurse to patient staffing ratios.

Those units who did not have representatives present at the forum - please return your updated unit classification guidelines either to the locked union mailbox in the nursing office or you can fax them to HPAE Local 5004, 201-262-4335.

Photos from the Staffing Forum: